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I am able to catch up with my teachers at school.

I can catch up with my teacher in the classroom.There is agirl with long hairstyle.望能采纳,谢谢

I usually learn English from teachers in class.I usually study English from teachers in class.I usually follow English teacher in class.

我会说一点英语并且也能懂老师用英语讲的话 I can speak a little English and I can understand what the teacher said in English.

1_I am a vocational school student now . 2_I can speak a little English and I can understand English teacher's word in English . 3_I can follow my English teacher in class . 4_We have 5 lessons everyday . 5_We are happy here . 如果翻译得不好多见谅

我会说一点并且也能懂老师用英语讲的话 i can speak a little,and can understand the teacher's words. 我在课堂上能跟上老师.我们每天上午五节课.课后,我们有很多有趣的活动.我们在这里过得很愉快. i can follow teachers in class.we have five classes every morning.we have many interesting activities after class.we really have a good time here.

1.My father is a retired worker 2.Always lively and interesting in the class of Teacher Li's 3.My sister is wearing a blue T-shirt 4.They have four classes in the morning 5.We have a good time here

hello, jack. how are you getting along these days? i'm writing to tell you that i'm a student at a vocational school. now i am able to speak a little english, and understand what my english teacher says. i mean, i can follow my teacher in english class. we

In six years ago, I first time enter the classroom, has become ateacher Excitedly remembered mine both and to be anxious at thattime, luckily had outstanding Mr./Mrs. Liu to hold the post of me toinstruct teacher, her kind facial features caused my

在课堂上,同学们各抒己见. 翻译为英文是: In the classroom, each student airs his own views. 注:各抒己见, airs one's own views.


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