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1. Which month has 28 days?All of them!2. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?18 letters! 3 in "the", 7 in "English", and 8 in "alphabet".3. Why did the boy bury his flashlight?Because the batteries were dead.4. There are 5


对划线部分提问1. She needs help.2. There is a map of China on the wall.3. He was born in Xi' an on October 4, 1978.4. They cleaned the room just now.5. She spent a lot of money on clothes.6. Mr. Jin often goes to Beijing by plane.7. There are

一知半解 看的懂一半

1.A(中心语是pair)2.(这题漏打了吧)3.C(不会是通常情况)4.C(how much用来问钱)5.B(要填“都”的意思,both表示两者及以上的“都”)6.(不确定,可能是A或C)7.B(这个你应该明白的吧)8.B(这个打错了哦)9.A(就近原则)10.B(就近原则)11.A('in th

应该选C 主要的原因是not 在这种情况下要放在介宾短语being/doing的前面,就好像不定式的否定式not 必须放在to的前面一样.例如:he told me to take this job.否定式:he told me not to take the job.同理:i have t

1 Ronald Beckham 2 Stephen Hawking He is disabled,but he has a great thinking.3 insist work hard4 NO,I want to live like a ordinary ,not to be interruptted by others.

一 1.cat-fat 2.book-look 3.right-light 4.sit-hit 5.too-two 6.hear-dear 7.box-fox 8.nine-line 9.that-what 10.sea-tea 11.but-cut 12.glass-class 1

1.Where are they going to this January?2.What Mr.Smith is going to plant in two weeks?3.How many years are you going to spend in learning Japanese?4.Who are going to London this summer?5.Which middls school he is going to learn in?

how many picture do you have问号--------你有多少张画


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