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my family 我的家人 this is my family . there are 3people in my family . they are my mother ,fatner and me . l often go shopping with my mother . she sometimes buy a cake for me. l usually go swimming with my father . l like to swim very much. my father

my father is forty-three years old. he is a teacher. he works very hard. he always wears a yellow coat and a pair of blue trousers. he like doing sports and he likes basketball best.my father loves me very much. he cheeks my homew哗促狙讵缴存斜担

i have a happy family. there are three people in my family. my parents and me live in a big city. my father is a worker. he works very hard. my mother is a high school's chinese teacher, she takes a bicycle to go to work every day . my mother is also a

My Family There are three people in my family.My parents and I.My father is a doctor,he works in a big hospital.He is very friendly to his patients.He likes play soccer very much.My mother is a teacher,she works in a school.She is very popular with her

我的家庭英语作文50词家里六个人 My Family There are six people in my family.My father, my mother, my grandparents, my brother and I.My father works in a business company, he is a manager.My mum is working in a hospital, she is a doctor.My

My ParentsMy mother is a teacher.She is pretty and active.She usually goes to work by car.She likes purple.Her favourite food is cake.My father is a writer.He is smart and quiet.He goes to work on foo

my family i love my family because

My family have 3 peoples. My mother ,fatner and me. My mother is a teacher. My father is a driver. I am a good student. My mother likes watch TV. My father likes plays baskerball. I like play computer games. I am very heppy!


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