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my littlE sistEr () hEr orAngE yEstErDAy

was in her orange. 昨天我妹妹穿着橘色衣服.

My sister Look at the girl with short hair.She is my dear sister,Jie.I think she is one of the most important people in my life.She has round face and she is a little fat.But her hair


went to visit 后面有yesterday 只能有一般过去时,其他的都不可用

to , she, 不填,in, questions, is ,ask, come. of

我的姐姐是一个空中小姐.昨天早上我的姐姐在飞机的尾部.她正要拿食物和饮料给乘客.一个老妇人走到她前面说,请问你能告诉我女卫生间在哪吗?当然,女士.我的姐姐回答.就在飞另一端的尾部. 她打开门,正在前面看见了机长和他的工作伙伴在一个小屋子里,他们都正忙着工作呢,所以没看见她.她又返回来找我姐姐.我姐姐问,你难道没找着吗?是的,我找着了,但是在女卫生间里有四个男人在看电视呀!

My little sister has cleaned the room instead of me.or My little sister has taken my place to clean the room.祝你开心如意!

搜一下:根据汉语提示写出词组.(5分)小题1:My sister_________ _________ her bike yesterday.(从……摔下)小



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