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rEADing is Fun作文

I like reading very much. Because it brings happy.I can learn many things from reading. It can enrich my knowledge. There are so many books in the world that it is impossible for anyone to read all of them, even if he spends all his life in reading. So I

the more books i read, the more knowledge i will geti like reading very much. because it brings happy.i can learn many things from reading. through reading, i can communicate with its author without other's transmission. also, reading can relax

Going shopping is fun I like going shopping very much!Because it can make me happy and relax.The supermarket is very large,There are all kinds of things.I can buy what I want to buy.I often buy some junk food.Maybe it isn't for my healthy,But I like it

您好,我是田老师,很高兴为您解答.Reading is fun Reading is fun. You can enjoy reading while sitting alone in your room.You can read a book anywhere.You can learn more knowledge from books.I like reading very much. Because it brings

那一次,真让我尴尬 人生中,有许许多多,形形色色的事情,难过的,高兴的,而我,就有那么一件尴尬的事情,现在想起来,真令我忍俊不禁. 记得那是我读一年级的时候,我在班上成绩名列前茅,老师也很喜欢我,记得在“六一”儿童节

萧朝贵(约1820年1852年),壮族.太平天国中天王洪秀全所封之五王所之一,萧朝贵被封为西王,称八千岁.萧朝贵是太平天国早期的重要领袖,每以“天兄下凡附体上身”感化将士,是金田起义核心领导人之一. 1852年9月攻长沙时被清军炮火击中,重伤不治.萧朝贵的妻子是洪秀全的妹妹洪宣娇.

Visiting The Great Wall Is FunWhat a fun time when I was on the Great Wall!It was the first time that I had been to the great wall.That day,I ,standing at the feet of the mountains ,who was amazed by the lying dragon. It is a wonder in China that I would

football is fun I like playing football very much.It's my favorite sport.I ofen play it with my friend on weekends.when i'm finish my homework,i can play it for relaxing.After work ,i can also have fun in playing it.Football is so fun that i'm interested in it.Not

life is fun my life is filled with fun.my life is inseparable from the book, in the book to accompany the days to come, life is full of fun.life is fun because it's never hard to make fun of it;to me, life is beautiful, fun and full of opportunities for me to grow and

Cooking is fun Why is cooking fun? Here are two reasons. First, it is a good way to show my love to my parents. Both my parents are very busy. So When I come back home early,I'11 cook for them. After they return,we sit together and enjoy the


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