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to hElp othErs mAkEs us HAppy

To help others是不定式短语作主语,谓语动词是makes,宾语是us,宾语补足语是happy.“”帮助别人使我们开心“”助人为乐,哈哈.

Helping others makes us happy.助人为乐

这是个简单句,结构是“主谓宾”也可以这样说:It makes us happy to help others (it 作形式主语)

It makes us happy to help others. 中动词不定式 to help others是真正的主语(后置),it 是形式主语

It'sit's +形容词 for/ of sb to do sth

Helping others makes me happy I always regard helping others as my duty. When I see the old who have no seats on the bus, I'll remind myself to give my seat to them. If someone gets lost, I'll try my

Hello,everyone.I'm Li Zhi.It's nice to speak about helping here.Helping others is a wonderful thing.It is nice for people who you help and it is also nice of you.When you help

it is not enongh to be strone in heart and mind;we must also believe in ourselves and help others if we want to be happy and live a good life如果想要过上好的生活并且感到快乐的话,光靠心里上的健康(或者说满足、强大)还不够,我们应该充分相信自己并且要乐于助人.

可能打错字.中文翻译:To help others makes us happy. 帮助他人令我们快乐.

1 Which is more interesting,chinese or English?2 we should not talk about others' bad words.3 children are always glad to help the people who need help.4 she feels happy because she hears the good news5betty is stronger than any other student in our class6 either因为否定



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